Saturday, 6 December 2014

The sensitive side of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was a warrior, he was a barbarian, murderer and coroner of the world, only at the age of 33.

The king of ancient Macedonia was brave and fueled with power.
He was a hard drinker and highly sexual male, with a need of power.
We see so many examples of people in today's world, we like to think about them as confident and high hierarchy humans, but we never look from the eyes of an awakened person.

It is not our thing to look outside of ourselves, out of the box, behind of our ego...

Alexander had a lovely mother who was very protective over him and she wanted that he accomplishes a wonderful things. To bad for young Alex, his mother died , nothing remained but the realization that the Alexander had to become  a son of god, and he will must respect his family which is superior over the human beings.

The question we ask ourselves is: What gave him such a strength and determination in such a cruel times?

The research from 2014 about Cognitive Bias :
''Whither Cognitive Bias Modification Research? Commentary on the
Special Section Articles
Colin MacLeod
University of Western Australia
Ernst H. W. Koster
Ghent University
Elaine Fox
Essex University''

Clearly shows that Alexander was not a predator, but he just had type one serotonin regulation between neuronal synapses. Opposite to type two which is regulated in such way that people care more about themselves.

People like Alexander have good intentions most of the time, but because of hyper stimulation of the right hemisphere of their brain, they react slightly more illogical than normal subjects.

Alcohol and drugs plays a big role in highly intelligent and emotional people. Let's not misunderstand these with mental disorders.
Rather than that - lets focus on more thorough research, and let's keep the state of love and compassion towards all beings.