Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lucid Dream

A lucid dream is any dream in which you are aware that you're dreaming.
But is being aware, all there is about lucidity of ones dream?

We spend around 6-8 hours a day sleeping. About half of that time is dreaming and there's only 2 hours of most vivid stage of dream.

There are many questions about the evolutionary reasons for dreaming.
Perhaps it has something to do with memory . Something like disk de-fragmentation on your computer.

But what about Lucid dream? Does it have evolutionary reason? or is it just the side effect of human brain progress.

This is very interesting video about LD

Sunday, 19 May 2013

How to get rid of anxiety instantly.

If you suffer from anxiety, you know it's hard to control what you're thinking about all the time.
Social phobia and stress seems impossible to control, but there is a way to win the battle with uncontrollable thoughts .

You can try to battle your anxiety the hard way, which is using your will power.
Using will power is very tiring and never lasts long enough to make any changes in your life.

The best way that works instantly is reprogramming your thinking so that instead of being stressed out of your mind, you feel happy, or at least you don't feel stress...
How to do this?

Imagine that you are in stressful situation, let's say you're at the party and your friend is telling the funny story about you, and everyone is looking at you .
First thing you probably feel is embarrassment, followed by lower self confidence, feeling insecure and general thinking that you're being judged by the others.

Now.. people with anxiety disorder tend to get stressed almost instantly, and it doesn't really matter if there is a huge or small danger of being publicly embarrassed.
''Normal'' people deal with those situation in a different way, but most of the people who suffer from anxiety have really huge self-consciousness which makes it really difficult to deal with social situation, even though they tend to have higher IQ, and better social skills (really!), their emotions do not allow them to use their skills fully.

I've heard many ways how to deal with anxiety, they sometimes work, but not for very long... Here's an example:
  • imagine that people around you are naked
  • think about something else (put yourself in a happy place)
  • try to believe that you're only dreaming

Now the healthy way to deal with anxiety...

  1. (Know that you are a great person)

Having healthy self esteem is one of the most important things in your life, you have to remember that you are equally awesome as everyone else, this helps a lot when dealing with shyness .

  1. (Accept the fact that we are all different)

We all have different minds, habits and preferences. Someone once told me that if We all were the same, the world would be a very boring place...
Being different than others, makes you special!

  1. (Positive Reappraisal)

When the shit happens, that's the time when you have to stay positive.
Giving up, and being depressed will not help you get through hard times.
So every time you catch yourself feeling down, remind yourself of something good, find a positive in the negative. Don't judge yourself... Praise yourself!

  1. (Do not avoid stress, Deal with it!)

Avoiding stressful situations is as hard as dealing with them. The more you practice how not to stay anxious, the easier it gets. Avoidance will not make you a stronger person, and you don't want to wake up at the age of 60 and regret how much you've missed because of your anxiety.

  1. RELAX !

From evolutionary point of view, stress is useless in today’s modern world. It was necessary when we had to escape from wolves and other dangerous animals, but we don't need it now. Once you understand that stress is only a side effect of evolution, you should be able to see things differently.

And one last thing... :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Very interesting video about conciousness :

Brain Waves

There are many brainwaves responsible for how we feel and react in our lives. Most of people today live in very stressful Beta brainwaves reality.
We should focus more on relaxing, and shifting from beta to alpha state of mind.
The easiest way to do that is to practice meditation techniques, limit drinking caffeine drinks, and being optimistic...
Theta Brainwaves are responsible for creativity and artistic visions, deep thinking, and understanding complicated subjects.