Sunday, 9 November 2014

This Society Is Making Me Bloody Sick

In this culture it is not easy for those who like to think , feel , and share compassion for others.
The resulting depression for me as a male, means loneliness, people not understanding me, people expecting for me to take responsibility for all bad that happens in live. Depends in what king of social interactive place you live, sometimes you have no control over what is happening to you.
Especially for sensitive and intelligent people, it is very hard to express their emotions and deal with problems in society where lions always win and sheep always loose.

You can't cry, you cant smile, and can barely survive.

It feels like there is iron box, attached to :
...and someone is using Taser gun on both of your legs.

But there is a Good reason why we must stay positive.We need to fight against this selfish behaviors in everyday life, so that one day the revolution will began!

Stay Positive
And may the Force Be with You!

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